Dansk Forening for Jordbundsvidenskab


Welcome to the Danish Soil Science Society - DFJ

The Danish Soil Science Society promotes soil science, the dissemination of knowledge, and education in soils and soil functioning. The soil is a non-renewable resource with a number of important functions. Soils are the growth medium for plants and support the production of food, feed and fibres. The soil protects the water environment from pollution and provides us with useful raw materials. Soils contain a wide diversity of genes and cultural heritage.

The Danish Soil Science Society is part of the International Union of Soil Sciences and the European Confederation of Soil Science Societies. The benefits and events offered from these organisations are available to the members of DFJ. DFJ offers lectures and symposia on soil science in a broad context, and excoursions to sites with interesting soils and landscapes in Denmark. DFJ is open for all with an interest in soils. Contact us and share the passion for soils with us.

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  Bjarne W. Strobel bjwe(a)plen.ku.dk (chairman)

Gry Lyngsie  

Ingeborg Callesen: ica(a)ign.ku.dk (treasurer)




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